Khloe Kardashian x Lamar Odom

Read that again!! Not Lamar Odom!! Just Khloe Kardashian!!  According to the NY Daily News, she inked a $300,000 deal w/OK! Magazine, the highest bidder for exclusive wedding pics. But check this out…the couple is working out the details of their “post-nup” since they had to get married on Sunday since her reality show would be footing the $1M bill. Odom is smitten, but he ain’t THAT whipped. Apparently things aren’t so smooth @ the negotiations table. Hmm… (more…)


And guess what else!? She’s boo’d up & nasty w/a fella named Jason Hoppy. Yes!! Bethenny’s got a man @ home, & her brand new show “Skinny & the City” will follow their wedding plans. She’s getting murried!!

How will Housewives be w/o Bethenny, I wonder??  There’s still gonna be plenty drama to go around, but I think it’s gonna lose some of its luster!!



Good LAWD what’s wrong w/the world today!! It was already nasty when we found out he was banging her out for 10 years, but now they’re about to take this show to the chapel??? I don’t think I have any vomit left. Read on:



This is the type of wedding I’d attend for the reception (open bar + good eats = me & my +1)!! They coulda really kept the ceremony at the court house since the kids are old enough to be in the wedding party. Common law’s as good as a broom jump imo.

My guess is this is much less romantic than people are thinking, & T.I. wanted to guarantee his conjugal visits.