You read that right, we’re back!! The video has been posted on YouTube for a couple of days, and we’re getting some really awesome feedback from folks on YT & Twitter. Thank you! People seem to think the reason we haven’t been creating videos is because we’ve had a falling out, children, or mental breakdowns.  Nope!  We just hadn’t been as motivated to make the vids b/c we’re lazy, didn’t know anybody cared, and we felt like we’d ran out of random things to talk about.  Well, here you go!!





I couldn’t give two shits about a Facebook, but whassamado w/o my Twitter?! It was just reported on ABC Channel 7, & Twitter posted this message on their blog:

On this otherwise happy Thursday morning, Twitter is the target of a denial of service attack. Attacks such as this are malicious efforts orchestrated to disrupt and make unavailable services such as online banks, credit card payment gateways, and in this case, Twitter for intended customers or users. We are defending against this attack now and will continue to update our status blog as we continue to defend and later investigate. [SOURCE]

They shoulda never gave you bastards twitter!! Everybody’s favorite 18 year old to hate Souljah Boy had a moment this evening which is sure to cause major backlash in the industry. Fans are even wondering if his account hasn’t been hacked.

Soulja Boy Tell 'Em on Twitter
Sounds like the music biz just might be getting to the youngin. The problem with twitter is that we all need to know when to turn the shit off. There is a such thing as speaking too much of your mind. However, I do find it interesting that he seems to claim that the industy is making him into something he’s not. Lemme find out theres a little Kweli under all that tackiness.

Perez Hilton edited the blog entry after receiving backlash from celebrities like Pete Wentz.  The entry was screen captured by a reader, and there’s now a campaign on Twitter for folks to stop following Perez. Um…why were y’all following him anyway??  Stop that.

Here’s the text:

We knew something like this would happen!!

Michael Jackson was taken by ambulance from his Holmby Hills home to a nearby Los Angeles hospital on Thursday afternoon!!

Supposedly, the singer went into cardiac arrest and the paramedics had to administer CPR!!!

His mother is even on the way to visit him!!!

We are dubious!!

Jacko pulled a similar stunt when he was getting ready for his big HBO special in ’95 when he “collapsed” at the rehearsal!

He was dragging his heels on that just like his upcoming 50 date London residency at the 02 Arena, of which he already postponed the first few dates!!!

Either he’s lying or making himself sick, but we’re curious to see if he’s able to go on!!!

Get your money back, ticket holders!!!!

A screen shot of the edited entry:

I’d be lying if I said I knew who the fuck this dude was before I logged in, but he musta did somebody real dirty @ the club last night b/c his phone & Twitter was hacked.

Phone numbers & home addresses from celebrities including Vanessa Simmons, Christina Milian, Tyson Beckford (pause), & Mario (say it ain’t so!!) are posted up.

The scorned hacker who claims Dorion fuct his boyfriend also posted up things like “Bow Wow eats my ass all day” & “I ate Rihanna’s pussy.”  The former may or may not be true.  What IS true are these pictures:

UPDATE: Charlamagne tha God spoke to Dorion minutes ago, & posted the audio on zshare. All types of hilarity!! Enjoy!!

Dorian of BET's College Hill


Will.I.Am vs. Perez Hilton

Hold up–lemme check my calendar.’s June. WTF @ the randomness of Perez Hilton getting BOOM BOOM POW’D by Will.I.Am!! Apparently all this occurred @ the Soho Met Hotel in Toronto.

But RATHER than call the cops, he TWEETS about it, & to tell OTHER folks to call the cops. Hey, Perez—how about a Twitpic!!

Update #1:
Will.I.Am created a Twitter account to address the situation, & denies hitting Perez. He even says Perez went as far as calling him a faggot. Here’s the video.

Update #2:
Perez Hilton also responds w/a very dramatic 11+ minute unintentionally hilarious video. Perez admits to calling Will.I.Am a faggot, & says Will.I.Am’s manager Polo is the one that hit him.


If you’ve been watching the show, you know this isn’t the first time we’ve interviewed or featured an artist. We’ve done shows featuring MURS, Tanya Morgan, Che Grand, & Rhymefest as well!! We have more in store, so stay tuned!! Please contact us if you are interested in having an artist featured on the show, & subscribe to our YouTube page to catch old episodes!!

This time around we shot the shit w/Anthony David, the Grammy nominated singer of “Words” feat. India.Arie.  We talked about everything from neo soul to brown liquor vs. white liquor & freak shit!! This is a two parter, so enjoy!!

Part 1

Part 2