Roxanne Shante has finally issued an apology (if you can really call this that) for her blatant LIES about her education. Like to read it? Here it go: (more…)



If this story turns out to be false, I’ll shut the fuck up & continue to give Roxanne her propers, but if she’s out there lying on her credentials I mean WOW just WOW. I want this story to not be true.  I got so much joy from telling this story over the years; I remember VH1 doing a bit about it, & of course read the NY Daily News article.

WHY YOU GOTSTA LIE, CRAIG?! She coulda still continued to do significant work in the community w/o padding the resume. She never even went to Cornell?? Ugh, whatever. (more…)


Honestly I didn’t know there was anybody who didn’t know this story. Maybe I watch too many VH1 Behind the Musics, but this has been repeated dozens of times. But I never get sick of it!!!

Roxanne was able to make her former record label pay for her education all the way through to her Ph.D. b/c of a clause stating they would fund her education for life. The total cost to Warner Music was $217,000. Haha!! (c) Of course, it wasn’t easy. (more…)