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Kandi sent an exclusive blog entry to HelloBeautiful regarding her ex-fiancee AJ‘s death: (more…)


But before I get into that, isn’t it funny how everybody’s turning their back on Real Housewives of Atlanta‘s NeNe, when I told y’all from DAY ONE she was an insecure bully w/issues?? I mean I’m not one to rub it in, but I FUCKING TOLD YOU SO!!  You could see the creation of that monster from the first season, & of course Bravo‘s doing their part by playing up the drama. But there’s only so much editing you can do. Nobody can make you say or do  shit that you don’t want to!!

But back to Bethenny & the gang. Wouldn’t you know Bethenny & Kelly actually call themselves friends now?? After all that drama?? And guess who doesn’t take Bethenny’s phone calls now?? Jill Zarin!! Word on the streets is that the other girls are more than a little bit salty though that Bethenny’s getting her own show: Skinny and the City. (more…)


Damn Kim!! Is THAT how you do the dude that made your voice listenable?? I wonder what Kandi has to say about this… (more…)

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NeNe calls Kim a “trashbox” & again tells her to close her legs to married men, but interestingly Kim calls NeNe out for cheating on her husband. Now we weren’t expecting that one!! These are excerpts from Bravotv.com that never made it on air. Andy can barely keep it together!! Who knew it got so juicy after the show?!

Exerpts from NeNe’s book, Never Make the Same Mistake Twice:

Kim wouldn’t know how to make a dime if you slapped her with a bucket of change! Every dollar that Kim has is somebody else’s husband’s money!!

Kourtney Kardashian admits she’s pregnant b/c she forgot to take her pill. Whoopsies!! This one’s especially cute b/c I recall one the reasons her & on again/off again boyfriend, kourtknow baby daddy broke up was b/c of his infidelity. I’ll have what she’s having!! [US]

Hate it or love it, Mike Vick has officially signed a two year deal w/the Philadelphia Eagles.  Not that I give too much of a fuck about football, but I don’t see the issue here. He did his time, so he deserves to work like anyone else. As long as it’s not in a pound or a veterinary hospital. [CNN]

Natalie Cole feeling good, feeling great after successful kidney transplant surgery in May. She was on dialysis for eight months, & the family who donated the kidney specifically asked that it go to Cole. She hasn’t yet met the donor. [P]kim_z

Real Housewife of Atlanta star Kim Zolciak won’t be pressing charges against NeNe Leakes for choking her out. She’d been holding out for an apology, & hoped NeNe would publically admit to the incident. Both of which never happened. [OK!]

Lady Gaga (thanks, Kim!!) did a raunchy shoot for OUT! Magazine, says she’s “free spirited” & jokes that she wants to “turn the world gay.” She doesn’t get to talking about her manparts, but she enjoys the company of women and men saying: “I myself am not a gay woman — I am a free-spirited woman: I have had boyfriends, and I have hooked up with women, but it’s never been like ‘I discovered gayness when I was dot dot dot.’ ” Hey, if she’s really got a weiner, then no…she’s not a gay woman @ all!! [HP]

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Real Housewife co-star & unemployed beauty school prospect Kim Zolciak is in the Bahamas @ the Cove Atlantis drinking & maybe later on diving?? What happens when you get the wig wet?? Is it like watering the gremlins??


She knew that shit wasn’t cute when she got up from the chair!! Anywho the girls got together for the Premiere Party @ the W Hotel, & NeNe was still going in on Kandi saying she needs to “show some respect” since she’s the new housewife, & NeNe is the OG.  Whatever NeNe!! I sense some jealousy up in this bitch!! More Sheree + NeNe flicks/Video after the break. (more…)