I don’t give a damn what y’all got to say about Tyler Perry. YES I don’t know the difference between Meet the Browns & House of Payne, & NO I’ve never been able to sit through those DVD bootlegs of his plays, but gotdamn the man has an audience, & that audience has a RIGHT to the type of entertainment they enjoy.

I don’t think I’m any better than anyone for not getting into his shit, & folks KILL MEH acting like Tyler Perry is bad for business. Get all the way the fuck outta here, & see what this man just did for those kids in Pennsylvania who were kicked out of a pool for “changing the complexion”!! From his blog: (more…)



In her MySpace blog, Ice of I Love Money 2 rants about getting so close to, but not winning the $250,000, letting her “loyalty and kindness get in the way” over $$$. She also calls Saaphyri an “ugly black orang-o-tang manly looking thing.” Say what??


Easy for her to say NOW since Saaphyri’s doing a 3 year bid.  In 2004, Saaphyri pled no contest to charges of identity theft and running up thousands of dollars in debt for an alleged breast implant surgery.  She was scheduled for sentencing in late 2005, but never showed up to court. In November 2008, she was pulled over in Los Angeles on charges of driving w/an invalid license and sentenced for the previous charges.  Stay up Saaphyri!!

Read Ice’s entry in case it gets edited or deleted…