eminem_mariah_nickcannonWell, it was only a matter of time before Eminem responded w/something controversial in response to Obsessed.  But did we really think he was gonna go here?? First of all, let’s get the history straight here, b/c ppl are acting like Mariah brought this on!!

As I recall, Eminem was the one bringing her name up in shit, when all she’s been trying to do is live her delusionally grand &  glittery life w/her new man. He started this shit!! In the track, Eminem threatens to put voicemails & other proof out there, so this is a Warning to Nick & Mariah b/c they don’t want it.

Look I’m not one of those my man must fight for me type women. But this ain’t even about Mariah & Em anymore. Nick needs to BRING IT the next time they’re on a red carpet. It’s about to get real hood in tinseltown.

mariah_7Photo Credits: Flynet (above), Splash, MatrixPhotos

Just in time for Gay Pride!! While I’ve always said Mariah needs to put some more clothes on, I didn’t think she’d go full stud!! Monday she filmed her video for Obsessed, & this is her best Eminem impression.

mariah_1Here’s the new CD cover if you haven’t seen it already.

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I know hating on Beyonce instantly soaks some of y’alls panties—men & women alike. But the numbers are in, and Obsessed came in #1 last Friday. Which means more folks were checking for Obsessed than they were for Jamie Foxx looking busted in The Soloist or Zac Efron doing the twink thing in 17 Again.  Not a blockbuster by any stretch of the imagination, but #1 is #1. And BITCH. Bey got. it.

Here’s the complete list:

1. Obsessed — $11.1 mil
2. Fighting — $4.5 mil
3. 17 Again — $3.9 mil
4. The Soloist — $3.2 mil
5. Earth — $2.9 mil
6. State of Play — $2.08 mil
7. Monsters vs. Aliens — $2.05 mil
8. Fast and Furious — $1.9 mil
9. Hannah Montana: The Movie — $1.8 mil
10. Crank: High Voltage — $0.8 mil