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This was aired yesterday on a television show called Red Faces in Australia. The performers were parodying the Jackson Five as Jackson Jive in blackface, with the Michael Jackson impersonator in–white face?? Harry Connick, Jr. was not amused, & neither am I!! WTF?!

Ticket sales are expected to break records, with no other movie in history generating this much pre-sale demand & revenue. Wow!! I’m about as fanatical about Michael Jackson as anybody, but there’s no way in HELL I’m trying to see this movie w/that many people trying to stuff their big asses @ the show. I’ll catch a weekday matinee when they do a full release (har, har).


Here’s footage from the upcoming Michael Jackson documentary/film “This is It”.  Yo that little move he does @ 0:10?? If you know me IRL, prepare to get real sick of it.

Big little sister Khloe Kardashian‘s getting married to Lamar Odem, & wow the hate is THICK!! When was the last time any of y’all were checking for Khloe or Lamar?? Well den, STFU!!

Victoria Rowell

As much as I wanna clown like everybody else about this dress in all of it’s kitschiness, I gotta tell ya—this is about as African as it gets!!

Look @ how my people greeted the previous prez!! 😦 :-/


Oh, but did you see this??

We won’t even get into the Obama stuff. He is a ROCKSTAR in the homeland. So…yeah, lol.

The movie will be out on October 28th. Visit the official website.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

The only performance I was really looking forward to!! Janet did amazing, & even managed to wet the eyeballs of a certain unnamed blogger who only emotes during Lifetime movies.

King of Pop

August 29, 1958 – June 25, 2009