I love Madonna on Letterman!! This is her 8th time on the show, & one of her more toned down moments for sure.  This time he asks her what she likes on her pie, to which she answers, “that’s a personal question.” Oh you guys….


The concert has since been canceled, but the roof collapsed at the Velodrome Stadium in Marseille where Madonna was going to perform this Sunday. In the video she tearfully addresses each man by their name, saying she’s “devastated to be in any way associated with anyone suffering.”

Madonna & son David Banda cruising Malawi for a fun black baby:


Well maybe not really, but she did manage to skirt the adoption process, avoiding residency laws to snatch 3-year old Chifundo “Mercy” James from the bush (against her father’s wishes).  But that’s sooo immaterial.

Madonna can get “Mercy,” Malawi‘s highest court ruled Friday. The court overruled a lower court, saying the pop star can adopt 3-year-old Chifundo “Mercy” James.

James Kambewa, a man who claims to be the little girl’s father, told CBS news “I’m crying. I need my baby. I don’t know where I can find any help,” the network said.

But Peter Baneti, an uncle, said the family welcomed Friday’s ruling.

“We hope Mercy will be joining Madonna soon,” he said by phone from his village just outside Blantyre.



In the midst of shaking my big ass head, I couldn’t help but to have a LITTLE BIT of a chuckle behind this shit.  Cassie was the talk of the net for all of what…24 hours?? Now even her nude pics have been trumped by RiRi’s. Not even a gynecological coochie shot could keep a buzz.

I was telling folks on Twitter that this reminded me of the Christina-Madonna-Britney lesbionic spit swap. Christina gave it the best tongue that she had, but couldn’t pay anybody to give a fuck.

On to recent developments…if Chris Brown did leak these pics, there couldn’t be a bigger bitch on the planet. As if pummeling RiRi wasn’t enough!! BASS!! How low can he go?? Now a message to all my girls:

Would you bitches STOP POSING BUTTNAKED for these bammas?!

Unless Playboy is your next move cover dem joints up and stick to the occasional nip slip on the red carpet.

Obviously Chrissy Two Fists rattled something in that big ass head of RiRi’s b/c a sane person wouldn’t be caught dead in this getup.


But for every FAIL there’s a bad ass bitch DOING. IT. Why is Iman so fabulous??


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