Damn Kim!! Is THAT how you do the dude that made your voice listenable?? I wonder what Kandi has to say about this… (more…)

Kourtney Kardashian admits she’s pregnant b/c she forgot to take her pill. Whoopsies!! This one’s especially cute b/c I recall one the reasons her & on again/off again boyfriend, kourtknow baby daddy broke up was b/c of his infidelity. I’ll have what she’s having!! [US]

Hate it or love it, Mike Vick has officially signed a two year deal w/the Philadelphia Eagles.  Not that I give too much of a fuck about football, but I don’t see the issue here. He did his time, so he deserves to work like anyone else. As long as it’s not in a pound or a veterinary hospital. [CNN]

Natalie Cole feeling good, feeling great after successful kidney transplant surgery in May. She was on dialysis for eight months, & the family who donated the kidney specifically asked that it go to Cole. She hasn’t yet met the donor. [P]kim_z

Real Housewife of Atlanta star Kim Zolciak won’t be pressing charges against NeNe Leakes for choking her out. She’d been holding out for an apology, & hoped NeNe would publically admit to the incident. Both of which never happened. [OK!]

Lady Gaga (thanks, Kim!!) did a raunchy shoot for OUT! Magazine, says she’s “free spirited” & jokes that she wants to “turn the world gay.” She doesn’t get to talking about her manparts, but she enjoys the company of women and men saying: “I myself am not a gay woman — I am a free-spirited woman: I have had boyfriends, and I have hooked up with women, but it’s never been like ‘I discovered gayness when I was dot dot dot.’ ” Hey, if she’s really got a weiner, then no…she’s not a gay woman @ all!! [HP]

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Real Housewife co-star & unemployed beauty school prospect Kim Zolciak is in the Bahamas @ the Cove Atlantis drinking & maybe later on diving?? What happens when you get the wig wet?? Is it like watering the gremlins??


And the drama just keeps on coming!! NeNe choked Kim the fuck out during a taping of the show. Police were called, reports were filed, & Atlanta just keeps on keepin’ it classy. Thanks girls!! (more…)

Real Housewives of Atlanta - Season 2

They’re baaaack!! My most favorite bitches!! I cannot wait for this next season, & expect even more drama since DeShawn Snow was kicked off for being too nice.  Kandi BurrussI know what you’re thinking—this New Jersey season Jacqueline is the nice one too, right?? Yeah, but Jacqueline is also the tie that binds.  Without Jacqueline there’s no Danielle which means no CRAZY BITCH drama.

As for new housewife former XScape member Kandi Burruss, she joins the cast as a friend of Lisa Wu’s.  Former XScape members have gone on the record in the past & thrown her all the way under the bus!! (I’ll link up that video if I can find it.)

I’ve heard more drama than a little bit when it comes to some of the things she’s decided to do w/her vagina!! But people change, judge not, & all that. Whassanever it be– this can’t be anything BUT good (television, that is).

Who are your favorite ATL Housewives??

I love Lisa Wu, Nene is a distant second (say what you want, that shit she did to Kim was foul, & it says a lot about a person).

As far as I’m concerned you can throw Sheree & Kim out back. I don’t care for those two at all!! Kim’s a delusional homewrecker w/the worst weave in the South. How the hell are you gonna be in Atlanta, GA the home of stripper weaves & lacefronts, & not know how to blend your shit?? Sheree is just a hot fucking mess.  I wanted to throw chicken @ the screen when she said Kim could sing!! Don’t be lying bitch!! Plus this whole “clothing line” business is too much for me to process. SMH. Kick her off the island!!

Hey!! Don’t forget Part 2 of the Real Housewives of NJ finale is tonight @ 9PM/EST. Follow me on Twitter so we can discuss!!