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No wonder she’s so damn skinny!!! Okay maybe that’s not funny, but I’m saying!! Somebody slide that chick a chicken wing!! She said in high school, she was a teenager, & 75-70lbs @ 4’9″ feeling like she had to lose weight. She starved herself & was

addicted to exercise, did not want to eat. Didn’t eat bread b/c I was scared it was gonna make me fat….I would eat food, and go straight to my room & workout. I wasn’t bulimic b/c I didn’t know how to physically make myself throw up.

She also admits to being addicted to diet pills. Wow!!  For as much shit I talk about Rocsi for being a bird in general, I’ll put all that shit to the side (for this segment only) b/c body image will have you fucked up in the game!!!  If TV adds 10lbs like They™ say, get that trick to a clinic!! She looks like she hasn’t seen a meal since Christmas!!