Let me go ahead and state the obvious!! How can a movie like Mama I Want to Sing be headlined by the likes of CiCi?! I enjoy her music (more so her DANCING), but that’s not SINGING. Was Jazmine Sullivan busy?! Oh & to add another insult, the young singer blows Ciara out the water!! Watch!!

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The movie’s based on the long-running off-Broadway play of the same name.


Both Ciara & Rihanna were spotted in NYC a couple days ago.  It was 5:00am when Rihanna was leaving the studio, but she was STILL FABULOUS!! Ciara on the other hand was doing good in the hood for the Children’s Aid Society & was desperately needing a stylist. You’re BFFs w/Kim Kardashian now!! Take advantage!! (more…)


BFFs Kim Kardashian and Ciara were @ the LA premiere of Orphan Tuesday @ the Mann’s Village Theatre in Westwood, California. Isn’t Kim supposed to be a stylist??? Help ya girl out… (more…)


Damn NONE of these R&B chicks are original!!  Is it me though….or does Ciara’s look like a two-bit Atlanta quick weave?? I mean it probably is, but she needs to holler @ a stylist b/c this wig ain’t gone cut it!!

Ciara Performing in Las Vegas (07/03/09)Photo Credits: © Erik Kabik/ RETNA/ http://www.erikkabik.com

While Ciara’s over there backbending & flexing the impossible, I’ve long said that she needs to be coming out w/a workout tape.  Now I doubt many, if any of us can accomplish this in our living rooms, but it’s @ least worth an attempt for $19.95 + shipping & handling.



Now I love CiCi and everything, & none of these fools are touching her when it comes to this dance shit. Have you seen the Work video?? Exactly. But what I’ma need this brawd NEVER TO DO is pick up a microphone & try to shut it down w/a ballad. There was no world healing @ the BET Awards when Ciara opened her mouth.  I didn’t even know WHO was singing until they zoomed in!! The horror!! *washes ears out w/Beyonce*


ciara_1Photo Credits: Getty Images

Don’t you love it when people just know they look good?? You can’t tell Ciara & her new titties SHIT!! She is working that chocolate gown!! But even a grand entrance like this couldn’t save us from that dreadful “Heal the World” performance. I still love you, CiCi!! I got those pics coming up shortly.

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