You read that right, we’re back!! The video has been posted on YouTube for a couple of days, and we’re getting some really awesome feedback from folks on YT & Twitter. Thank you! People seem to think the reason we haven’t been creating videos is because we’ve had a falling out, children, or mental breakdowns.  Nope!  We just hadn’t been as motivated to make the vids b/c we’re lazy, didn’t know anybody cared, and we felt like we’d ran out of random things to talk about.  Well, here you go!!





Chuck’s back w/even more ridiculousness.  I’m not sure if this was meant to be funny, ironic, or an appreciation—but whassanever this bamma was up to, he’s pissed a LOT of folks off, including Dilla’s mother.

DJ Houseshoes was none to amused by his latest antics, & called Chucky out on Twitter:


When will this kid learn?? He’s managed to lose every single rap battle, get punched out by his girl, & now you’re disrespecting Dilla’s mama?! More on this ridiculousness @ Rappers I Know. Here’s an excerpt from the phone call he had w/FWMJ:

Who’s this?

Charles Hamilton, what’s the hate?

It’s not hate. I just think you’re kind of a dweeb.

Ok, break down what your issue is with me so we can come to a mutual agreement to where you don’t have to say anything to me or support my music and you can go about living your life.

I only say anything about you in a public forum when I feel it’s something ridiculous like crediting Dilla as an executive producer of your album.

Do you know my relationship with Ma Dukes?

No I don’t.

If you don’t know my relationship with Ma Dukes, proceeds from my album are going towards the J Dilla Music Foundation, which is basically a temple. My issue is, if you don’t know all the details of it and simply are putting out negativity about me and what it is I’m doing, especially since I actually have a very good relationship with Phat Kat and everybody else involved, especially since I was in the studio with Pete Rock when he was mastering the Jay $tay Paid album. Do you really want to put such negative energy out there on a public forum?

So some of the album proceeds are going to the J Dilla Music Foundation, huh?? We’ll see about that.