Christina Milian and The Dream got married in Vegas on Friday—but they ain’t want prenup!! Noooo!! Word is they said I Do at the Little White Wedding Chapel in a rented dress & tux.  I’m all for black on black love, but I hope they got that paperwork figured out when they got back to the crib, b/c um…no. [CM]

Tila Bobblehead Tequila says Shawne Merriman is a damn lie, & wasn’t trying to restrain her or stop her from driving drunk when she was attacked. I just don’t see why he didn’t sic one of the girls on the party on her?? At 4’11” & 93lbs, the average chick coulda punted her out the door like Jazzy Jeff. How’d we get here?? [E!]

Tyra unveiled her REAL hair on Tuesday. It ain’t natural, but she ain’t baldheaded neither. I was hoping to see her rock a fro at least, but whatever. Count me amongst the never satisfied: (more…)


So I’m looking at this photo of Lady Gaga performing at the V Festival on Sunday, & the only thing I see hanging is buttcheek, but you make the call.

Chrissy and Rihanna had a history of violence. Is anyone surprised about that??

The “Umbrella” singer allegedly slapped Brown in a heated argument three months prior to the February incident, according to Brown’s probation review released Tuesday.

In that previous fight, which occurred in Europe, Brown responded by pushing Rihanna into a wall, the documents say. The couple “were involved in a verbal dispute and [she] slapped [him].” Brown “responded by shoving her into a wall.”

A second fight occurred about three weeks prior to the Feb. 8 incident. (more…)

Christina Milian & The Dream @ JET Nightclub (@ the Mirage in Las Vegas)

The Dream performed at the JET nightclub (@ The Mirage) in Las Vegas on the 4th, & brought his opportunistic boo along w/him.   Gotta admit his album cranks, but even w/his knack for songwriting I seriously doubt anything listenable will make her album w/those vocals.  She’s a cute girl though!!


You almost have to feel sorry for Christina Milian. Shouldn’t fucking for tracks be more lucrative?? Then there’s this:

Do you go to strip clubs regularly?
Every now and then. I’m for it. Vegas has good ones. I like the Crazy Horse Too. That one’s literally crazy. Only thing I don’t like about strip clubs is the guys will pay the women to give me lap dances because they want to see them dance for me. The strippers will come over and say, “That guy said he’ll give me $100 if I give you a lap dance.” I’m like, “Hey, can we at least split the money?”


Haggling strippers for breakfast & cab fare?? Is that what we on?? 😦

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