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Beyonce tried to stop Lil’ Mama from hopping on that stage, but all that excitement & testosterone wouldn’t let her sit down.

I’m DYING LAUGHING @ how far back she was from the stage to even do this in the first place. It’s not even like she was sitting in the front row. NO…this bitch CATWALKED down the aisles to create the most embarrassing & regretful moment of her career.



I really don’t understand the need to hang on to this particular hair piece, but a wig can be repaired, & it doesn’t have to be like this!! Is there some sentimental value attached to the piece the rest of us don’t know about??

In spite of what’s going on about the follicles, Beyonce looks terrific, & Nicole Scherzinger always does. My only other dig is that I hate the way The Yonce wears hosiery. What are we 60?? 😦 (more…)

Solange Looks Gorgeous!!Photo Credits: WireImage

Far cry from this picture, right??  All it took was some color, ultra sheen, & a brush!!


I don’t think I’ve ever seen Solange look this good!! She looked FABULOUS @ Tokyo Disneyland promoting Thavasa & Disney Collection w/big sister Bey. For the first time the world is like Bey….who?!? Now she needs to convince the Yonce to walk towards the clippers & get rid of them ratty lacefronts. (more…)


Some of these poses make my neck & my back hurt. The one on the far left?? What’s that all about??

Yesterday was not a good day for Solange. Her baldhead was a Twitter trending topic, & everybody & they mama had something to say about it from SouljaBoy to ex-Destiny’s Child member LaTavia Roberson. I’m not even mad at her for speaking up, it’s all so superficial—but I’ma still need her to holler @ some Glover’s Mange. Read from the bottom up: (more…)

Boho Solo

Solange has decided to jump on the liberated tresses bandwagon by taking her weave out. Can I just say I hate, hate, hate when people “get haircuts” when we know they really just took out they weave? If you’ve seen her in Jay-z’s “Back to Black” then you know she wasn’t working with much to begin with.

Poor Tina you know she some where asking God why and shit. Fortunately Loreal Blonde #2 ass Beyonce got enough hair on her head to make up for both of ’em.


Hi haters!! Queen Bey made an appearance @ the Show Your Helping Hand hunger relief initiative at the United Center in Chicago on July 17th. What were YOU doing?! (more…)