Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson’s death has officially been ruled a homicide by the Los Angeles coroner. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the doctor intended to kill Michael. What it does mean is criminal charges will be brought against him, & he will likely be charged w/manslaughter. (more…)


Now I did a little gambling myself the other day, but I started w/a $10 bet!! I got my little winnings off that & bounced!! The type of stuff I saw in that casino was crazy!!  People cash advancing their credit cards, putting up thousands of dollars on the table & LOSING thousands of dollars!! I can’t afford that, & apparently neither can Antoine, b/c a warrant was issued for his arrest for $822,500 in gambling debt. WALK AWAY!! (more…)


Victory for Tyra Banks!! Her stalker was sentenced to a mental institution today following a March 18, 2008 incident where he entered the building where her talk show is filmed.  Prior to the incident, he had been sending her flowers and love letters.

The judge opted not to sentence him to 90 days in jail, saying he needed TREATMENT not a date w/Fleece Johnson. Who is Fleece Johnson you ask??