NeNe Leakes

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NeNe calls Kim a “trashbox” & again tells her to close her legs to married men, but interestingly Kim calls NeNe out for cheating on her husband. Now we weren’t expecting that one!! These are excerpts from that never made it on air. Andy can barely keep it together!! Who knew it got so juicy after the show?!

Exerpts from NeNe’s book, Never Make the Same Mistake Twice:

Kim wouldn’t know how to make a dime if you slapped her with a bucket of change! Every dollar that Kim has is somebody else’s husband’s money!!


And the drama just keeps on coming!! NeNe choked Kim the fuck out during a taping of the show. Police were called, reports were filed, & Atlanta just keeps on keepin’ it classy. Thanks girls!! (more…)


She knew that shit wasn’t cute when she got up from the chair!! Anywho the girls got together for the Premiere Party @ the W Hotel, & NeNe was still going in on Kandi saying she needs to “show some respect” since she’s the new housewife, & NeNe is the OG.  Whatever NeNe!! I sense some jealousy up in this bitch!! More Sheree + NeNe flicks/Video after the break. (more…)