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Kandi Burruss

Kandi sent an exclusive blog entry to HelloBeautiful regarding her ex-fiancee AJ‘s death: (more…)


Kandi Burress‘ ex-fiance AJ Jewell was killed in a brawl @ the Body Tap strip club in Atlanta this evening. My prayers & condolences go out to both of their families. Kandi is such a sweet & beautiful person please keep her in your thoughts. (more…)


Damn Kim!! Is THAT how you do the dude that made your voice listenable?? I wonder what Kandi has to say about this… (more…)


Derek Blanks made it happen, & while his photography (and Photoshop!!) was on point…gotta say I wasn’t really feeling the emotional weight of the Kandi alter ego photo. I thought it looked kinda camp, but respect to her for being strong enough to go through with it.  Am I the only one that didn’t love that picture?? And NeNe looked more stank than sexy. I thought Lisa Wu’s was cute, Kim looked awkward, & Sheree’s was right on the money (har, har). (more…)

Kandi ended up taking it down from YouTube, but WSHH wasn’t about to see this one disappear into the ether. All I can say is they look like fun ass people to hang around, lol.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

NeNe calls Kim a “trashbox” & again tells her to close her legs to married men, but interestingly Kim calls NeNe out for cheating on her husband. Now we weren’t expecting that one!! These are excerpts from that never made it on air. Andy can barely keep it together!! Who knew it got so juicy after the show?!

Exerpts from NeNe’s book, Never Make the Same Mistake Twice:

Kim wouldn’t know how to make a dime if you slapped her with a bucket of change! Every dollar that Kim has is somebody else’s husband’s money!!

EXCL kim zolciak 120809

Real Housewife co-star & unemployed beauty school prospect Kim Zolciak is in the Bahamas @ the Cove Atlantis drinking & maybe later on diving?? What happens when you get the wig wet?? Is it like watering the gremlins??

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