New single from Jay-Z feat. Drake, “Off That”. Produced by Timbaland for Blueprint 3.  It’s cool. It’ll probably take a few more listens to really fall in love w/it. Not an instant classic for me.



Seriously though. I don’t think Drake’s gay; I just know he’s half white. White ppl do stuff like put their heads in their homies crotches, have a shot of Jager, & laugh it off after the tongue kiss.  You guys need to get over yourselves. Mo bromo.


This time Drake listened to his doctors and performed on a stool while in Toronto. After a warm embrace w/Lil’ Wayne, he walked off stage w/a cane & the ladies still love him.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Damn!! Star & Buc Wild going in on Drake. Saying his career is DEAD. The nigga gave y’all titties, light skin, & hip hop shows w/women in the crowd & now y’all turn on him!!

The same dude responsible for the Barack spoofs does a great impression of Drake here. Peep the hand gestures!! He did this video before Drake bust his ass on stage:

Thanks to my girl SinnamonS for the link!!

This was funny!! Check out the eyebrows!!

Drake BET Awards With Little Girls in the WorldPhoto Credit: Kevin Winters/Getty Images

You know you done fuct up when BET of all places has to denounce your performance!! The irony of them taking a high moral stance on anything has provided much needed laughs for my afternoon.  But it’s good to know that the network is against training up video hoes.


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