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One of the more bizarre news stories of the week, East Cleveland mayor Eric Brewer’s cross dressing pictures have been leaked to the internets, & he is NO B. Scott!! He believes it’s a smear campaign by his opponent, as the election is right around the corner!!

What drama!! There are apparently some 40 pictures in the set, that may have been stolen from his computer has early as 2005. He never confirmed that the pictures were him—but he didn’t deny it either. Here’s the news story & images via Dlisted:

Have a lookie 🙂 : (more…)


Vodpod videos no longer available.

Obama: First of all, I think it’s important to realize that I was actually black before the election.

Dave: Really?!

Obama: This is true.

Oh you guys.

Here’s footage from the upcoming Michael Jackson documentary/film “This is It”.  Yo that little move he does @ 0:10?? If you know me IRL, prepare to get real sick of it.

Big little sister Khloe Kardashian‘s getting married to Lamar Odem, & wow the hate is THICK!! When was the last time any of y’all were checking for Khloe or Lamar?? Well den, STFU!!

Victoria Rowell

As much as I wanna clown like everybody else about this dress in all of it’s kitschiness, I gotta tell ya—this is about as African as it gets!!

Look @ how my people greeted the previous prez!! 😦 :-/


Oh, but did you see this??

We won’t even get into the Obama stuff. He is a ROCKSTAR in the homeland. So…yeah, lol.


This is some fucked up repugnant shit!! I hope she has the support of her family, & is surrounded by people who love her. Now the media got what they were looking for, & the hunt is over.

This kid @ 18 has to deal w/a WORLD of emotional & physical burdens right
now b/c nobody wanted to just let her live.

The test proves she has no womb or ovaries, 3x more testosterone than a normal female, & internal testes. (more…)

Kourtney Kardashian admits she’s pregnant b/c she forgot to take her pill. Whoopsies!! This one’s especially cute b/c I recall one the reasons her & on again/off again boyfriend, kourtknow baby daddy broke up was b/c of his infidelity. I’ll have what she’s having!! [US]

Hate it or love it, Mike Vick has officially signed a two year deal w/the Philadelphia Eagles.  Not that I give too much of a fuck about football, but I don’t see the issue here. He did his time, so he deserves to work like anyone else. As long as it’s not in a pound or a veterinary hospital. [CNN]

Natalie Cole feeling good, feeling great after successful kidney transplant surgery in May. She was on dialysis for eight months, & the family who donated the kidney specifically asked that it go to Cole. She hasn’t yet met the donor. [P]kim_z

Real Housewife of Atlanta star Kim Zolciak won’t be pressing charges against NeNe Leakes for choking her out. She’d been holding out for an apology, & hoped NeNe would publically admit to the incident. Both of which never happened. [OK!]

Lady Gaga (thanks, Kim!!) did a raunchy shoot for OUT! Magazine, says she’s “free spirited” & jokes that she wants to “turn the world gay.” She doesn’t get to talking about her manparts, but she enjoys the company of women and men saying: “I myself am not a gay woman — I am a free-spirited woman: I have had boyfriends, and I have hooked up with women, but it’s never been like ‘I discovered gayness when I was dot dot dot.’ ” Hey, if she’s really got a weiner, then no…she’s not a gay woman @ all!! [HP]


Yes!! It took 3 days of debate, but Sonia was confirmed by a 68-31 vote by the senate yesterday, making her the first latina & the 3rd woman to become a Supreme Court justice. Big up Bronxdale projects!! (more…)


Paula Abdul hit the negotiations table after Ryan Seacrest signed a $45M deal making him the highest paid reality TV host–EVER. He was getting a measly (lol) $5M a season before, but this guarantees his presence through 2012. As for Paula?? She’ll be calling in to vote like everybody else, b/c Fox wasn’t trying to meet her demands.  Here’s her Twitter announcement: (more…)

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