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Khloe Kardashian x Lamar Odom

Read that again!! Not Lamar Odom!! Just Khloe Kardashian!!  According to the NY Daily News, she inked a $300,000 deal w/OK! Magazine, the highest bidder for exclusive wedding pics. But check this out…the couple is working out the details of their “post-nup” since they had to get married on Sunday since her reality show would be footing the $1M bill. Odom is smitten, but he ain’t THAT whipped. Apparently things aren’t so smooth @ the negotiations table. Hmm… (more…)


But before I get into that, isn’t it funny how everybody’s turning their back on Real Housewives of Atlanta‘s NeNe, when I told y’all from DAY ONE she was an insecure bully w/issues?? I mean I’m not one to rub it in, but I FUCKING TOLD YOU SO!!  You could see the creation of that monster from the first season, & of course Bravo‘s doing their part by playing up the drama. But there’s only so much editing you can do. Nobody can make you say or do  shit that you don’t want to!!

But back to Bethenny & the gang. Wouldn’t you know Bethenny & Kelly actually call themselves friends now?? After all that drama?? And guess who doesn’t take Bethenny’s phone calls now?? Jill Zarin!! Word on the streets is that the other girls are more than a little bit salty though that Bethenny’s getting her own show: Skinny and the City. (more…)

One of the more bizarre news stories of the week, East Cleveland mayor Eric Brewer’s cross dressing pictures have been leaked to the internets, & he is NO B. Scott!! He believes it’s a smear campaign by his opponent, as the election is right around the corner!!

What drama!! There are apparently some 40 pictures in the set, that may have been stolen from his computer has early as 2005. He never confirmed that the pictures were him—but he didn’t deny it either. Here’s the news story & images via Dlisted:

Have a lookie 🙂 : (more…)

I don’t know wtf this is about, & don’t really care. But when dude punched him in the back of the head I collapsed. Shoutout to Charlamagne for the link.

Vodpod videos no longer available.


Lou Jing is an Afro-Chinese girl who has been participating on the American Idol-like talent show Let’s Go! Oriental Angel. As a result, she’s been attacked all over the internet some people questioning whether she can really be  a contestant since she is not really Chinese.   (more…)

Lil' Mama, Jay-Z, Alicia Keys

If she hasn’t already pulled off a BOOHOO cry, now is the time.

Audio link after the jump. (more…)


Damn Kim!! Is THAT how you do the dude that made your voice listenable?? I wonder what Kandi has to say about this… (more…)

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