Hollywood Divorce

Hey guys!! Episode #90 is here!! Wow!! We’re almost at 100!! That means we gotta line up something DOPE, right?? Anybody have anything in mind?? LOL

I know we all want this Tiger Woods thing to just go away, but since people were asking for our opinions, we figured we’d shoot a quick vid & let it be known!!

Thanks for watching everybody, we love you!!



Okay then Usher, tell Tameka us how you really feel. “For you I gave my heart and turned my back against the world, because you were my girl/I done damn near lost my mama/I done been through so much drama….I’m ready to sign them papers.” People in pain make the best records don’t they??


I love Madonna on Letterman!! This is her 8th time on the show, & one of her more toned down moments for sure.  This time he asks her what she likes on her pie, to which she answers, “that’s a personal question.” Oh you guys….


Hey it ain’t my business, but they made it my business, so I’m just posting what I seen on the tweets!! If you’ve been living under a rock & ya dunno…Swizz Beats & Alicia Keys have been romancing for a minute, much to the chagrin of his ex wife AND then wife Mashonda Beatz (lmao I’m bullshittin’…lol).  Here’s your drama, you bastards!! (more…)


And you know what?? This time I refuse to hate. Whatever she’s been doing, it’s working b/c her voice has been getting progressively better over the years. I heard glimpses of it on “Rain on Me,” but “The Way That I Love You” almost had me feasting on crow.  Check out her rendition of “Over the Rainbow.” I’m not gonna overstate it, like she was taking folks to CHURCH, but the girl’s no longer a hack!! (more…)


Derek Blanks made it happen, & while his photography (and Photoshop!!) was on point…gotta say I wasn’t really feeling the emotional weight of the Kandi alter ego photo. I thought it looked kinda camp, but respect to her for being strong enough to go through with it.  Am I the only one that didn’t love that picture?? And NeNe looked more stank than sexy. I thought Lisa Wu’s was cute, Kim looked awkward, & Sheree’s was right on the money (har, har). (more…)


Two fingaz Paula!!! Ellen’s a HUGE fan of the show, & is so hilarious. This might be the one thing that brings me back to American Idol. I haven’t watched since Fantasia won…so that tells you how invested I am. Sad & hilarious for Paula though—this may be her Kathie Lee Gifford/Regis moment. (more…)

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