Hey guys!! Sorry for the ridiculously long break…you can see I’ve even been slacking on site updates, which are supposed to keep people entertained while we’re waiting on vids. I dropped both balls!!

Anyway, this episode is about ass, titties, & sex tapes!! Could you wife somebody with a sex tape? Are you an ass man or a titty man? Both? None? Tell us about it!



Okay then Usher, tell Tameka us how you really feel. “For you I gave my heart and turned my back against the world, because you were my girl/I done damn near lost my mama/I done been through so much drama….I’m ready to sign them papers.” People in pain make the best records don’t they??


I love Madonna on Letterman!! This is her 8th time on the show, & one of her more toned down moments for sure.  This time he asks her what she likes on her pie, to which she answers, “that’s a personal question.” Oh you guys….

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga performed at Dar Constitution Hall in Washington, DC on Tuesday night and there was no weewee to be found. Now unless she lopped it off before heading back to work, I think it’s safe to say she’s been w/o peen since birth. Although I’m sure she welcomes the speculation.

Lady Gaga


Anybody surprised by this is a plum fool. It was only a matter of time before Usher & his 42-year-old cougar Grace Miguel were gonna have to decide btwn their relationship, & her position at Def Jam. Here’s the info I spotted on Egypt’s blog: (more…)


But before I get into that, isn’t it funny how everybody’s turning their back on Real Housewives of Atlanta‘s NeNe, when I told y’all from DAY ONE she was an insecure bully w/issues?? I mean I’m not one to rub it in, but I FUCKING TOLD YOU SO!!  You could see the creation of that monster from the first season, & of course Bravo‘s doing their part by playing up the drama. But there’s only so much editing you can do. Nobody can make you say or do  shit that you don’t want to!!

But back to Bethenny & the gang. Wouldn’t you know Bethenny & Kelly actually call themselves friends now?? After all that drama?? And guess who doesn’t take Bethenny’s phone calls now?? Jill Zarin!! Word on the streets is that the other girls are more than a little bit salty though that Bethenny’s getting her own show: Skinny and the City. (more…)


And you know what?? This time I refuse to hate. Whatever she’s been doing, it’s working b/c her voice has been getting progressively better over the years. I heard glimpses of it on “Rain on Me,” but “The Way That I Love You” almost had me feasting on crow.  Check out her rendition of “Over the Rainbow.” I’m not gonna overstate it, like she was taking folks to CHURCH, but the girl’s no longer a hack!! (more…)

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