Hey guys!! Episode #90 is here!! Wow!! We’re almost at 100!! That means we gotta line up something DOPE, right?? Anybody have anything in mind?? LOL

I know we all want this Tiger Woods thing to just go away, but since people were asking for our opinions, we figured we’d shoot a quick vid & let it be known!!

Thanks for watching everybody, we love you!!


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He was interviewed by Sabir Bey for The Sabir Bey Show, & dropped some jewels!! On Kanye:

“All I know is that ignorance & arrogance go together…you’re not supposed to flaunt your power b/c you show quickly that you’re not a leader. And if you’re not a leader than what are you?”

on Serena:

“She’s fucking tennis!! Not them!! Fuck a point system!! Start a whole new industry!! Fuck ’em!! FUCK THEM!!”

I thoroughly enjoyed this…lol.

Atlanta Flooding

Hundreds of roads have been closed, & there’s MORE rain on the way!! Check out this Metro Atlanta photo gallery from the AJC.

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Another WTF moment of the evening came when Lil’ Mama stood on stage w/Alicia Keys & Jay-Z ruining their photographic moment. Jigga gave her a cue to fall back, but the Passion of the Apple compelled her.

Hoe sit down!!

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Aw HELL to the naw!! This is the Chinese version of letting your baby pop ecstasy in the backseat while you crank up the Ford Escort wagon to do doughnuts in the mall parking lot, btw.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

NeNe calls Kim a “trashbox” & again tells her to close her legs to married men, but interestingly Kim calls NeNe out for cheating on her husband. Now we weren’t expecting that one!! These are excerpts from that never made it on air. Andy can barely keep it together!! Who knew it got so juicy after the show?!

Exerpts from NeNe’s book, Never Make the Same Mistake Twice:

Kim wouldn’t know how to make a dime if you slapped her with a bucket of change! Every dollar that Kim has is somebody else’s husband’s money!!

How HILARIOUS is this?!?! Click on the various heads for LOLz. They wrong as hell for putting that retarded boy in it.

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