Ray J

Hey guys!! Sorry for the ridiculously long break…you can see I’ve even been slacking on site updates, which are supposed to keep people entertained while we’re waiting on vids. I dropped both balls!!

Anyway, this episode is about ass, titties, & sex tapes!! Could you wife somebody with a sex tape? Are you an ass man or a titty man? Both? None? Tell us about it!



Which one of you will be Ray-J’s new girl??


You just can’t make this stuff up…but they can:

World famous R&B superstar Ray J is back for another sexy season of For the Love of Ray J.

The first time around RAY thought he found “the one,” but things didn’t work out, so now he’s single again. VH1 & Ray J are looking for single, beautiful and dynamic women who think they have what it takes to turn RAY J, into a one-woman man.  Being a singer, songwriter, actor, and entrepreneur, Ray J has positioned himself as a contemporary Renaissance man and R&B’s most eligible bachelor.

Barf, gag, & all that. BUT—I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t addicted to this show.  Top 5 in reality train wrecks. I’ll be glued.

Poor Cocktail, you may have won the love of Ray-J, but too bad you couldn’t keep his attention. While you were tweeting, Ray-J was cuddled up w/the internet’s favorite alienhead Tila Tequila.

Let’s look at the bright side, maybe Cocktail will have her own shot at love.


Peep the tweets to see how it all went down:


Video Tila Tequila posted for Ray-J on YouTube telling him to hurry home:

Last night’s For the Love of Ray-J Reunion special did NOT disappoint.

Everybody looked 100% better than they did on the show, and there had to be about 2 tons of weave weighing down that stage. Outstanding Weave Honors go to Danger, Cashmere, and Chardonnay.

Danger called Unique the cowardly lion from the Wizard of Oz, Unique shot back with, “but at least I’m not a paid prostitute”. Unique also offered Cashmere a “my bad” for her betrayal, which was dismissed since Cashmere sees her for what she is—SHADY.

Chardonnay tearfully revealed that she still has feelings for Ray-J, but will take him how she can get him—homie, lover, or friend. Personally, I was riding hard for Chardonnay, & think he picked the wrong girl!!

Ray-J shot Danger the look of DEATH for bringing up the pregnancy, probably b/c he wasn’t tryna put it out there that he SMASHED in the house (everyday according to her). Turns out she wasn’t ever pregnant at all, and Ray-J never denied that they had sex.

And if you don’t know by now, Chicago Larry is OFFICIALLY old head in the club status. He showed up w/his camera looking like Nick Ashford minus the CONK. A catch he is not; if it was up to me I’d throw him back…but Caviar if you like it—we love it:

Vodpod videos no longer available.


So Ray-J found “love” after all. Danger proved she really is a crazy bitch by hyperventilating when he announced he’d be meeting their families. After a brief hospitalization, he sent her home b/c he was worried about her mental health. Took you long enough!! I’d bet anything that act she pulled was a stunt, & her fam probably resembles an episode of Intervention.  Not the type of thing you want to broadcast on the Summerjam screen!!

Unique STILL couldn’t get her hair together. Looks like she kept dem legs together, which is more than we can say for Cocktail.  I was rooting for Cocktail before tonight’s episode, but warmed up to Unique after seeing how cool her family was, which may have been the biggest factor in Ray-J not picking her. He’s obviously not looking for anything longterm.  I can’t wait until Season 2!!