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Hey guys!! Sorry for the ridiculously long break…you can see I’ve even been slacking on site updates, which are supposed to keep people entertained while we’re waiting on vids. I dropped both balls!!

Anyway, this episode is about ass, titties, & sex tapes!! Could you wife somebody with a sex tape? Are you an ass man or a titty man? Both? None? Tell us about it!



Khloe Kardashian x Lamar Odom

Read that again!! Not Lamar Odom!! Just Khloe Kardashian!!  According to the NY Daily News, she inked a $300,000 deal w/OK! Magazine, the highest bidder for exclusive wedding pics. But check this out…the couple is working out the details of their “post-nup” since they had to get married on Sunday since her reality show would be footing the $1M bill. Odom is smitten, but he ain’t THAT whipped. Apparently things aren’t so smooth @ the negotiations table. Hmm… (more…)

I was VERY pleased w/the Emmy Awards last night (even though I fell asleep through most of the ceremony…I had a long day!!) & just wanted to shoutout my personal highlights:

Toni Collette - Emmy Awards 2009

Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series
Toni Collette
as Tara Gregson
United States Of Tara

Alec Baldwin - Emmy Awards 2009

Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series
Alec Baldwin
as Jack Donaghy
30 Rock

My two favorite shows took the big ones!!

I was a little salty that Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series didn’t go to Tracy Morgan, Jack McBrayer, or Kevin Dillon. But congratulations to Jon Cryer who plays Alan Harper in Two and a Half Men (I don’t love this show, but I do love his role).

I would’ve loved for Jane Krakowski to take home an Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series statue for playing Jenna Maroney, but Pushing Daisies star Kristin Chenoweth took it home for her role as Olive Snook. I’m pissed!! Is Pushing Daisies good?? I’ve never watched.

Of course 30 Rock took it home for Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series; I’m just happy there’s so much good television right now that’s not necessarily reality tv (which I’m addicted to…don’t get it twisted).

Kim Kardashian - Emmy Awards 2009

Now my two fashion highlights…Kim Kardashian & Heidi Klum!! Now let’s not act like Kim Kardashian had no business there—she does have a TV show, so let the hate subside!!

Heidi Klum & Seal

When was the last time Heidi Klum wasn’t pregnant?? LOL!! I swear the Seal Family is popping out chirren every 9 months. I think she looks fabulous, & the two of them just ooze sappy happiness!!

Kourtney Kardashian admits she’s pregnant b/c she forgot to take her pill. Whoopsies!! This one’s especially cute b/c I recall one the reasons her & on again/off again boyfriend, kourtknow baby daddy broke up was b/c of his infidelity. I’ll have what she’s having!! [US]

Hate it or love it, Mike Vick has officially signed a two year deal w/the Philadelphia Eagles.  Not that I give too much of a fuck about football, but I don’t see the issue here. He did his time, so he deserves to work like anyone else. As long as it’s not in a pound or a veterinary hospital. [CNN]

Natalie Cole feeling good, feeling great after successful kidney transplant surgery in May. She was on dialysis for eight months, & the family who donated the kidney specifically asked that it go to Cole. She hasn’t yet met the donor. [P]kim_z

Real Housewife of Atlanta star Kim Zolciak won’t be pressing charges against NeNe Leakes for choking her out. She’d been holding out for an apology, & hoped NeNe would publically admit to the incident. Both of which never happened. [OK!]

Lady Gaga (thanks, Kim!!) did a raunchy shoot for OUT! Magazine, says she’s “free spirited” & jokes that she wants to “turn the world gay.” She doesn’t get to talking about her manparts, but she enjoys the company of women and men saying: “I myself am not a gay woman — I am a free-spirited woman: I have had boyfriends, and I have hooked up with women, but it’s never been like ‘I discovered gayness when I was dot dot dot.’ ” Hey, if she’s really got a weiner, then no…she’s not a gay woman @ all!! [HP]


A lot of y’all hatin’ ass bastards already had a problem w/him being boo’d up w/Kim due to her sex tape status & all, but I figure if he ain’t got a problem w/it—why should you?? The greater lesson here is to stop letting motherfukers put that red dot to your coochie, but I don’t vilify her for it.

Word is nobody cheated on anybody, & it’s strictly about them not being able to spend enough time together. So if you got what it takes, & you look even half as pretty as either of these motherfukers…maybe now’s your chance to get chose… (more…)


BFFs Kim Kardashian and Ciara were @ the LA premiere of Orphan Tuesday @ the Mann’s Village Theatre in Westwood, California. Isn’t Kim supposed to be a stylist??? Help ya girl out… (more…)

Which one of you will be Ray-J’s new girl??


You just can’t make this stuff up…but they can:

World famous R&B superstar Ray J is back for another sexy season of For the Love of Ray J.

The first time around RAY thought he found “the one,” but things didn’t work out, so now he’s single again. VH1 & Ray J are looking for single, beautiful and dynamic women who think they have what it takes to turn RAY J, into a one-woman man.  Being a singer, songwriter, actor, and entrepreneur, Ray J has positioned himself as a contemporary Renaissance man and R&B’s most eligible bachelor.

Barf, gag, & all that. BUT—I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t addicted to this show.  Top 5 in reality train wrecks. I’ll be glued.

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