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Hey guys!! Episode #90 is here!! Wow!! We’re almost at 100!! That means we gotta line up something DOPE, right?? Anybody have anything in mind?? LOL

I know we all want this Tiger Woods thing to just go away, but since people were asking for our opinions, we figured we’d shoot a quick vid & let it be known!!

Thanks for watching everybody, we love you!!


Hey guys!! We’re back!! This episode is to make sure you keep Haiti in the front of your mind!! It’s been about a month since the tragedy, but just yesterday they pulled someone from the rubble ALIVE!!

Remember, Haiti needs your help!! Text YELE to 501501 to donate to Wyclef’s organization Yele Haiti; $5 will be charged to your cell phone. You can also text HAITI to 90999 to donate $10 through the Red Cross. Charges will also appear on your cell phone bill.


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Or just go to the archive page to watch any of the videos. Remember to subscribe to our YouTube channel as well!! Here’s one of my favorites, Episode #81: Black People Doing Black Things!!


Hey guys!! Sorry for the ridiculously long break…you can see I’ve even been slacking on site updates, which are supposed to keep people entertained while we’re waiting on vids. I dropped both balls!!

Anyway, this episode is about ass, titties, & sex tapes!! Could you wife somebody with a sex tape? Are you an ass man or a titty man? Both? None? Tell us about it!


I think it’s pretty clear that I have a very stereotypical & fanatical obsession w/chicken, especially Chick-Fil-A!! I’ve snuck into the NYU food court, & braved North Philly for a fix. I go HOARD for chicken!!!

We asked people all over the country how they use the bathroom, & you’d be surprised by all the techniques ppl take to the shitter!! Did you know some people sit down to shit?? While others squat?? Some people reach around to wipe themselves, & some never lift their buttcheeks off the toilet. Fascinating!! Watch the vid, & tell us what YOU do!!


Watch as Raekwon & Snoop (of The Wire fame) talk about downlow homosexuals in the industry. Raekwon seems to forget that he’s sitting next to a member of the LGBT community and says some questionable stuff..interesting to say the least.

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