*Sep 29 - 00:05*

I was watching this story pretty closely, b/c the circumstances around it were so bizarre, not so much b/c of the altercation—but the escalation. How did we get here??

Anyway, if you missed the headline a few days ago, a young father was stabbed to death at the Farley Post Office near Penn Station. The murderer was identified by his own mother and a cop who served in the Army with him.  But to make matters even weirder—now he’s dead, of an apparent suicide. But this is how:

An Army Reserves soldier identified as the man who fatally stabbed a young dad outside the main post office appears to have committed suicide, cops and his family said early Wednesday morning.

NYPD detectives rushed to Philadelphia, where the body of a man thought to be Sir’mone McCaulla, 28, was found in his ex-girlfriend’s apartment, slumped in a tub with a plastic bag over his head.

Sources said a television cable box was found on his chest, suggesting he electrocuted himself. A relative of McCaulla said the family was told he was dead – but NYPD cops said they were still investigating. A Philly source, however, said authorities believe the body is McCaulla’s.

“Yes, we know he’s dead,” said Madina Jackson, a cousin. “The police told us, came and knocked on our door. “We’re just trying to deal with it in our own way. . . . [His mom] is okay. We’re just trying to deal with it,” she said. [SOURCE]