Anybody surprised by this is a plum fool. It was only a matter of time before Usher & his 42-year-old cougar Grace Miguel were gonna have to decide btwn their relationship, & her position at Def Jam. Here’s the info I spotted on Egypt’s blog:

Def Jam exec Grace Miguel, the woman who has been romantically linked with Usher, just got the ax from Def Jam. Rumor has it that L.A. Reid forced Grace to resign last week because she was ‘mixing too much business with pleasure’.  Her very public trysts with the still legally married Usher have allegedly been bringing bad press on the label and his reps are afraid that the bad publicity will hurt his public image.

Here’s the kicker, according to YBF, “Usher not only cheated on soon to be ex-wife Tameka with Grace, who is 12 years his senior…but Grace was indeed married at the time as well.  She filed for divorce conveniently around the same time Usher did.  Tameka was also married and ‘filing for divorce’ around the same time she and Usher got together.”