Khloe Kardashian x Lamar Odom

Read that again!! Not Lamar Odom!! Just Khloe Kardashian!!  According to the NY Daily News, she inked a $300,000 deal w/OK! Magazine, the highest bidder for exclusive wedding pics. But check this out…the couple is working out the details of their “post-nup” since they had to get married on Sunday since her reality show would be footing the $1M bill. Odom is smitten, but he ain’t THAT whipped. Apparently things aren’t so smooth @ the negotiations table. Hmm…

Odom has lawyered up and so has Khloe. The problem is … they have to get married on Sunday and there isn’t enough time to hash out the details of a prenuptial agreement.

Why, you ask, isn’t there enough time? We’ve learned they must get married on Sunday because one of the Kardashian reality shows is footing the $1 million bill for the wedding, but the deal is that the wedding must be shot this Sunday.

So we’re told Lamar wants a postnup — meaning the agreement will be hashed out and hopefully signed after Sunday’s event.

Now here’s the intrigue. There’s talk that Sunday’s wedding might not be the real deal — it could be a non-binding ceremony. It’s common with a postnup that bride and groom would not officially tie the knot until after they sign the document. What they typically do sign before the ceremony is an acknowledgment that it’s not really an official wedding, to prevent misunderstandings down the road.

And speaking of problems … we’re told lawyers for Odom and Kardashian are already arguing and hitting road blocks. [SOURCE]

A few pics + guests via WWTDD: