Lou Jing is an Afro-Chinese girl who has been participating on the American Idol-like talent show Let’s Go! Oriental Angel. As a result, she’s been attacked all over the internet some people questioning whether she can really be  a contestant since she is not really Chinese.  

Well she really is Chinese, & grew up in Shanghai. She’s the result of an affair between her Chinese mother, & an African-American man. And the internets have been going nuuuuts about it. This isn’t the first time she’s dealt w/racism, but here are some quotes from an interview she did, where she also says her nicknames are Gong Gong (Stupid) & Little Black. <—ArOo??

From the Chinalyst:

[“Gong Gong” is] because I do not get angry at people. For example, my mother always taught me to be generous and tolerant. So to my classmates, when I thought I was acting angry, other people would think, “This is called angry?” It’s like I can’t really get angry, and I only know how to help people. Another stupid thing is when you are good to others, they might not necessarily be good to you, but then I would think it does not matter. Anyway, I think I am good to other people then I am happy, but other people think I am stupid like that, therefore classmates gave me this nickname.

[Little Black] comes from my skin color. Only my close friends call me this, normally no one else calls me that. [It’s] not racial, because we are close, normally middle school and high school classmates that are close to me and sit around me in class call me that. But they are weird, when they heard other people calling me that, they would say “Who told you to call her that? This is our exclusive name for her.” It’s like that.

Here’s the entire video interview + transcripts.