Christina Milian and The Dream got married in Vegas on Friday—but they ain’t want prenup!! Noooo!! Word is they said I Do at the Little White Wedding Chapel in a rented dress & tux.  I’m all for black on black love, but I hope they got that paperwork figured out when they got back to the crib, b/c um…no. [CM]

Tila Bobblehead Tequila says Shawne Merriman is a damn lie, & wasn’t trying to restrain her or stop her from driving drunk when she was attacked. I just don’t see why he didn’t sic one of the girls on the party on her?? At 4’11” & 93lbs, the average chick coulda punted her out the door like Jazzy Jeff. How’d we get here?? [E!]

Tyra unveiled her REAL hair on Tuesday. It ain’t natural, but she ain’t baldheaded neither. I was hoping to see her rock a fro at least, but whatever. Count me amongst the never satisfied:

Tisha Campbell & Duane Martin welcomed baby #2!! Son Ezekiel Czar Martin was born at 10:20 a.m. on Tuesday in Los Angeles. The baby wasn’t due until the 21st of this month. You go, Ezekiel!! [P]

Snoop Dogg is the new creative chairman of Priority Records. His new album Malice N Wonderland will be released under the label. [XXL]

Fabolous went in on T-Pain via Twitter yesterday, b/c of some false information that got to him about T-Pain dissing him on the tweets. The problem is—T-Pain hadn’t even been on Twitter for days before the seemingly random attacks. Word is they cleared it up via phone, but that was some Grade A hate right there & some quick fast backpedaling . I just wish people would say what they mean, & mean what they say sometimes.