The CEO of the Richmond chapter of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) Robin Starr didn’t realize her husband had put their deaf and blind mutt Louie in the backseat of the car!! Oops!!

When she went out for lunch, she noticed him & rushed him to the animal hospital where the dog died of kidney failure. That poor dog baked!! It was 91 degrees in Richmond that day—who KNOWS how hot it got in that car!!  The irony of it all, is Robin Starr was very vocal about animal cruelty, & fellow Virginian Mike Vick.

Tamsen Kingry, the SPCA’s chief operating officer, said this morning that “the SPCA board of directors does not waver in its support” of Robin Starr. She has been CEO of the Richmond SPCA since 1997. Starr said she does not plan to resign.

Robin Starr has been an outspoken critic of Michael Vick and his role in a Virginia dogfighting operation, and of several local residents who were charged with animal neglect that led to animal deaths. [SOURCE]