Sorry folks, but when I take long breaks like this, I’m not being lazy!! I’m working on edits, & sometimes  some new exciting shit!! I got contacted about something I don’t want to be too chatty about, but just know LOLz are in the works!!  I sat in on the Wendy Williams show earlier this week, & got called out b/c my draws were showing!!

Now that’s a classic encounter w/the Queen of All Media!! Here’s what’s really going on in this crazy world:

Michael Jackson’s burial got pushed back again!! Can we please put that body in the ground!! I was grieving like everybody else, but gotdamn give his mama a chance to try to jump in the casket @ teh funeral!! [E!]

Megan Wants a Millionaire reality star & wife killer Ryan Jenkins had a violent past that was never checked!! Had the production company known the millionaire had a prior assault record he’d have never been cast. Oops?? [TMZ]

Is it because I’m BLACK?!?! NY Governor David Patterson is SALTY at his low approval ratings, & thinks that much of the backlash comes from him being black. Nigga shutup!! You lightskinned!! [NYDN]

Who watched Housewives last night??