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LMAO!! So the police setup a fake crime scene, & the bitch breaks down like she didn’t just plan to have her husband killed.  Turns out the hitman she hired was an undercover police officer & her husband ain’t nowhere near dead. Check out the dramatics & waterworks.

A Boynton Beach woman is behind bars, accused of hiring a hitman to kill her husband. It all came after a plan by police to fake a crime scene.

Dalia Dippolito breaks down after hearing her husband was killed Wednesday morning. But the crime scene along Via De Pepi in Boynton Beach, is fake. Dippolito’s husband, Michael, is alive and well after finding out what was happening from police.

“Your wife’s trying to have you killed and I’m like, what, you know? And it just kind of took a little while to resonate,” said Michael.

Boynton Beach police say it all started Friday when a confidential informant told them Dalia was trying to hire someone to kill her husband of 6 months. After giving him $1,200 for a gun, the woman later met with a hitman who was in fact an undercover police officer. Dalia agreed to pay him $3,000 once the hit was finished. Police say they even have her on video stating how bad she wanted her husband dead.

“Here is a woman who’s saying she’s 5,000 % sure she wants to pay for her husband to be killed. And then at the scene you have a woman who’s sobbing uncontrollably,” said public information officer with the Boynton Beach Police Department, Stephanie Slater.

But while being led away, Dalia claims she’s innocent.

“I didn’t do anything and plot anything,” she said, from outside the police department.

Her husband is still in shock.

“It’s like a movie, you know. And it’s believable yet unbelievable,” said Michael. “If she could have just done anything else, not this. This is ridiculous,” he added.

Michael says looking back, it all adds up, as strange situations have been happening since they were married. He believes in the end, his wife wanted him dead to get money.

“It’s just sad for somebody to go this route. There’s no point to it. Just divorce me and take everything,” he said.

Dalia Dippolito is being charged with solicitation to commit murder. She’s being held at the Palm Beach County jail. [SOURCE]