August 2009

I dunno how anybody can hate on this commercial. Kid’s hilarious, & a lot of y’all do need to retire the basketball shorts & flip flops. JUST SAYIN’!!

We asked people all over the country how they use the bathroom, & you’d be surprised by all the techniques ppl take to the shitter!! Did you know some people sit down to shit?? While others squat?? Some people reach around to wipe themselves, & some never lift their buttcheeks off the toilet. Fascinating!! Watch the vid, & tell us what YOU do!!


Watch as Raekwon & Snoop (of The Wire fame) talk about downlow homosexuals in the industry. Raekwon seems to forget that he’s sitting next to a member of the LGBT community and says some questionable stuff..interesting to say the least.


TMZ is reporting that a crack(wack)pipe, as well as pills were found next to his body. He was also devastated over the breakup with Hayley Wood. 😦

Amazing he was even alive at all following that plane crash last year that killed four & spared DJ AM & Travis Barker.

Download their Fix Your Face Volume 1 & Volume 2 mixtapes.

Here’s his last tweet (creepy, right??):

Picture 6 (more…)

King of Pop

August 29, 1958 – June 25, 2009

I LOVE this song. I liked it IMMEDIATELY!!! Y’all trippin’!!!

Kandi ended up taking it down from YouTube, but WSHH wasn’t about to see this one disappear into the ether. All I can say is they look like fun ass people to hang around, lol.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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