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I’ve read several accounts of what happened that night–all of which don’t seem to add up to me rationally. Most say he pulled out his weapon on the robbers, but was shot in the back 7 to 8 times. Huh?? Also, his godson/girlfriend’s kid didn’t see the incident take place (he was in the convenient store as this was happening) so he was not in the vehicle.

Men I know y’alls manhood gets put to the test damn near everyday in your life so I won’t pretend to be able to relate to that. But there’s times you need to REALLY take the L & get down on the ground. If he’d have just handed his shit over, we wouldn’t be reading this story today. You can’t win every battle, & should think twice sometimes, ESPECIALLY in the presence of children. RIP to a champion.

Former two-division world champion Vernon Forrest was shot and killed Saturday night during an attempted robbery, police said Sunday.

Fulton County medical examiner Michele Stauffenberg confirmed the case was a homicide and that the autopsy showed Forrest died from “multiple gunshot wounds involving the torso and thigh.” Sgt. Lisa Keyes said a police report on the shooting was not immediately available.

WSB Radio in Atlanta first reported the shooting, citing a police spokesman. Forrest, who was 38, lived in Atlanta and was an Augusta, Ga., native.

Lt. Keith Meadows told the radio station that Forrest was shot seven or eight times — at least once in the head — as he chased at least two men who had tried to steal his Jaguar as he put air in its tires at an Atlanta gas station. Forrest had a gun and confronted the men, who fatally wounded him with two semi-automatic weapons, according to police.

Charles Watson, the boxer’s manager, said police and witnesses told him that Forrest had stopped at a gas station to put air in his car tire when a man approached asking for money.

“Somehow, Vernon had his wallet out and the guy snatched his wallet and started running,” Watson said. “Vernon pursued after him. The guy turned the corner and Vernon didn’t see him. He turned around to go back to the car. That’s when he started firing.”

Watson said that Forrest’s 11-year-old godson was with him but had gone into the convenience store and did not witness the shooting. [SOURCE]