If you haven’t been paying much attention to hiphop lately, then you mighta missed TI kicking Alfamega out of Grand Hustle b/c of his snitching past (exposed by The Smoking Gun). Well Alfamega doesn’t like the way he’s being treated, & wrote an open letter to TIP putting his feelings out there. This cracked me the fuck up:

Once this is published, I’m giving you a week to call me. Should you choose to not call me within that timeframe, I’ll know exactly where we stand. At that point, we’ll separate adn we can get it off like Muhammad Ali v/s George Foreman in The Rumble in the Jungle. It will be what it is, you on your side of eth ring and me on mine. Instead of a boxing ring, it’ll be the studios and instead of boxing gloves, it’ll be me lyrically pounding you.

M’kay pal.  Read the full letter after the jump.