This was the same incident in which McNair & another passenger were allowed to leave in a taxi while Sahel got busted.  Steve did bail Saher out of jail after the incident though. It has also been officially determined that Sahel did the shooting, not his wife, not her ex, not the dog. She was upset over financial problems, & over him having get this—another side piece.

Interviews with associates of Sahel Kazemi lead detectives to conclude that she was becoming increasingly distraught over personal events in her life, including financial difficulties.

Detectives learned that Kazemi’s recent attempted sale of her Kia automobile had fallen through, making her liable for payments on both the Kia and a 2007 Cadillac Escalade. Although the Escalade was co-titled in the names of Kazemi and McNair, it appears Kazemi was responsible for the payments. Her female apartment roommate had decided to move to Pittsburgh, which would have left Kazemi with an effective doubling of her monthly rent payment to the neighborhood of $1,000.

Detectives learned that On Monday, June 29th, Kazemi remarked to an associate that her “personal life was all screwed up.”

Detectives have been informed that Kazemi recently learned of another young woman she apparently believed to be romantically involved with McNair, and had even followed that second woman to her place of residence, although there was no confrontation between the two. [SOURCE]