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For those of you who didn’t get to boohoo w/the rest of us b/c of other obligations such as I dunno…WORK here’s the entire broadcast for you.  The highlight of the memorial was Al Sharpton speaking directly to the children to say: “Wasn’t nothin’ strange about yo daddy!! It was strange what yo daddy had to deal with!!” They’ll never ever forget that.

Jermaine Jackson sang Michael’s favorite song “Smile” & sounded beautiful; Stevie Wonder brought the WHOLE HOUSE to tears with They Won’t Go When I Go/Never Dreamed You’d Leave in Summer. Towards the end of the program Paris went up to tell us she loved her Daddy, & I lost it!!

Some of the low lights include Mariah Carey butchering I’ll Be There (Trey Lorenz still got it) & the unidentifiable singing object during We Are the World.

A few people took issue w/Magic Johnson bringing up “the greatest moment of his life” eating Kentucky Fried Chicken on the floor w/Michael Jackson. Some even thought it may have been an endorsement. But when was the last time you sat on the floor & ate KFC w/the kang???

Performances by Stevie Wonder, Mariah Carey, Usher, Jennifer Hudson, Jermaine Jackson, & others.