July 2009

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If it got to the point where my moms had to drag me through the store, whatever was waiting @ home was much worse. All it took was a look & I did what the fuck I was told!! Some kids never learn!! (more…)


And the drama just keeps on coming!! NeNe choked Kim the fuck out during a taping of the show. Police were called, reports were filed, & Atlanta just keeps on keepin’ it classy. Thanks girls!! (more…)

Vodpod videos no longer available.

I’m assuming you saw it last night, but if you didn’t–here’s the drama in all its neck vain popping glory!! Anthony was Sheree’s party planner, & had promised her a helicopter & poet. It was pretty clear he hadn’t followed through w/any of the stuff she’d asked for, so tensions escalated, & then we got HERE.

I don’t give a fuck WHO you are, or WHO you’re dealing with. If you ever want another client in your life, you’d better @ least fake like you have respect for these assholes. I mean how the FUCK did it get there?? Made for great television, but no way in hell I’d be hiring dude.

Here’s the letter he sent to Sandra Rose:

Hi Sandra,
I am reaching out trying to get the facts straight. First, I am not GAY! Married with children, and love PUSSY.

Second, I was never hired by Sheree or Bravo to do a party. This event was for the Atlanta Music Festival, and the producer’s ask me to modify the event to be included in an episode of the Real Housewives of Atlanta, entitled Sheree’s Divorce Party.

I also consider myself to be a professional with a long standing resume. But, unless you have work with Sheree or had any dealings with her you wouldn’t understand, where I am coming from.

Thank you,

Hope your client list is booked up, & your wife is giving you enough pussy!! Stay, classy Anthony!!

This is starting to get Bizzy Bone levels of strange.

eminem_mariah_nickcannonWell, it was only a matter of time before Eminem responded w/something controversial in response to Obsessed.  But did we really think he was gonna go here?? First of all, let’s get the history straight here, b/c ppl are acting like Mariah brought this on!!

As I recall, Eminem was the one bringing her name up in shit, when all she’s been trying to do is live her delusionally grand &  glittery life w/her new man. He started this shit!! In the track, Eminem threatens to put voicemails & other proof out there, so this is a Warning to Nick & Mariah b/c they don’t want it.

Look I’m not one of those my man must fight for me type women. But this ain’t even about Mariah & Em anymore. Nick needs to BRING IT the next time they’re on a red carpet. It’s about to get real hood in tinseltown.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

No wonder she’s so damn skinny!!! Okay maybe that’s not funny, but I’m saying!! Somebody slide that chick a chicken wing!! She said in high school, she was a teenager, & 75-70lbs @ 4’9″ feeling like she had to lose weight. She starved herself & was

addicted to exercise, did not want to eat. Didn’t eat bread b/c I was scared it was gonna make me fat….I would eat food, and go straight to my room & workout. I wasn’t bulimic b/c I didn’t know how to physically make myself throw up.

She also admits to being addicted to diet pills. Wow!!  For as much shit I talk about Rocsi for being a bird in general, I’ll put all that shit to the side (for this segment only) b/c body image will have you fucked up in the game!!!  If TV adds 10lbs like They™ say, get that trick to a clinic!! She looks like she hasn’t seen a meal since Christmas!!


She knew that shit wasn’t cute when she got up from the chair!! Anywho the girls got together for the Premiere Party @ the W Hotel, & NeNe was still going in on Kandi saying she needs to “show some respect” since she’s the new housewife, & NeNe is the OG.  Whatever NeNe!! I sense some jealousy up in this bitch!! More Sheree + NeNe flicks/Video after the break. (more…)

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