I remember when a Michael Jackson video debut was an EVENT. The whole family would sit in front of the TV to see MJ do his thing. THIS is the Michael Jackson I remember. There was no other voice like his, no other performer like him, & I doubt we’ll ever see a megastar of this magnitude again.

Today I’m rockin’ out w/my highwaters out!! Might even moonwalk on the way to the train!! Okay, not really but if I could get my hands on a glove & a red leather coat I’d rock that shit all day w/o shame.

I hope Michael’s found the peace he sought his entire life,Β  & I will forever be grateful to him for the impact he’s had on mine. He IS the greatest entertainer of all time, & I don’t need to cite a source to declare it. Rest in peace Michael Joseph Jackson (August 29, 1958 – June 25, 2009). You were loved.