Real Housewives of NJ Cast

Last night’s Real Housewives of NJ reunion (Part 1) was everything & MORE!! Carolyn’s long drawn out solo speeches about her family got tired, but it was good to see Danielle call Carolyndanielle_staub & Dina out for trying to blame the breakdown of their relationship w/Jacqueline on her.  Clearly there were problems before she entered the picture.

The book came up as expected, & everybody needs to get over it at this point!! Danielle’s not copping to anything outside of a name change & an arrest.

Let’s talk about how Teresa’s husband pays for everything in cash, & works in “construction”, but there are no mob ties??

When they played the table tossing scene again, Teresa looked embarrassed, as she should be. What a hot mess all of those women were getting fucked up like that (on national TV, lol) & wtf @ all that sex talk & fighting in front of the children!!

When Andy Cohen (the host) asked Dina where her husband was, she said he was “working”.  He does come around; he just doesn’t have any interest in being on the show.  Dina’s husband spent $1M on their Big Fat Fabulous Wedding, so he BETTER be!!

Teresa didn’t exactly apologize for her husband’s gay slurs, stating that anyone who was offended by it is stupid–according to her husband’s gay friend, even though Andy is gay himself. As for being disgusted by other people’s homes? “There are people who don’t wash the kitchen floor every day, and wash it like maybe once every two months.” She also cited “cleansiness” as an issue. Not a typo.

But onto some of the even juicier stuff that wasn’t covered last night.  Danielle has a sex tape out there w/her ex Stephen Zalewski, & he’s shamelessly shopping it around for the highest bidder.  He told Star Magazine: “I’m definitely weighing my options as far as selling them and getting them out there. She cost me so much money, why shouldn’t I make a few dollars?” GEEZ!! More after the break:

Danielle Staub‘s exhibitionism could come back to haunt her, big time! The former boyfriend of The Real Housewives of New Jersey‘s cougar claims he has videos of her engaged in sex acts — with him and by herself — that he’s considering putting on the market!

In an exclusive interview with Star, Steve Zalewski, 27, whom Danielle dated and dumped on the reality hit last week, says his 46-year-old ex was sex-crazed. “Not only does she want to have sex all the time, but she loves the thrill of doing it in public places, where she might get caught,” he says.

“She wanted to make love in restaurant bathrooms basically every time we went out — she’d get all excited and say, ‘The people can hear you doing it outside!'”

Other lusty locales included the back patio of Danielle’s Wayne, N.J., home, and in cars at a police firing range and a crowded park.

But Danielle’s penchant for showing off could mean big trouble! She and Steve had a bad breakup, he says, due in part to her always borrowing money from him. “She tries to look affluent,” he says. “But sometimes she couldn’t pay the household bills or buy food. Even then, she’d want to borrow 20 grand from me to buy jewelry!”

Now Steve is considering recouping some money by selling steamy naked videos of Danielle! “I’m definitely weighing my options as far as selling them and getting them out there. She cost me so much money, why shouldn’t I make a few dollars?” [Star]