R. Kelly in South Africa

R. Kelly was in South Africa this weekend, & from the looks of things, he had a chorus line of groupies tryna catch fluid, so don’t count the old man out!!

In other news, he’s involved in an investigation w/a fake promoter who used his name to scam some 50+ folks outta $$$ for a tour that never was gonna happen. I love my people!!

Via TMZ:

She allegedly conned her victims into investing money in an R. Kelly tour that never existed. The woman reportedly says she deposited the money into Kelly’s bank account.

She’s been charged with more than 60 counts of fraud — and Kelly is wanted for questioning.

Kelly is vehemently denying involvement — his publicist said:

The woman has no connection at all with R. Kelly. This is just some con woman who swindled a bunch of people out of money. R. Kelly had no knowledge of this, he’s just as upset as anyone.”

Pictures of Kells performing in South Africa after the jump!!