Will.I.Am vs. Perez Hilton

Hold up–lemme check my calendar. NOPE..it’s June. WTF @ the randomness of Perez Hilton getting BOOM BOOM POW’D by Will.I.Am!! Apparently all this occurred @ the Soho Met Hotel in Toronto.

But RATHER than call the cops, he TWEETS about it, & to tell OTHER folks to call the cops. Hey, Perez—how about a Twitpic!!

Update #1:
Will.I.Am created a Twitter account to address the situation, & denies hitting Perez. He even says Perez went as far as calling him a faggot. Here’s the video.

Update #2:
Perez Hilton also responds w/a very dramatic 11+ minute unintentionally hilarious video. Perez admits to calling Will.I.Am a faggot, & says Will.I.Am’s manager Polo is the one that hit him.