Aubrey O’Day was robbed on her way to tape a segment for TV Guide. No details on how it aub_1went down, but if this exact quote is any indication of what really happened: “someone ran behind me and stole everything I was holding” then this bitch got got by a crackhead. SMH. [TMZ]

Is Jim Jones beefin’ w/Fab on Twitter?? Jim Jones runs a “What’s Ghetto?” game on Twitter, & apparently Fabo swagger jacked him, & he’s callin his ashy ass out.

Kelis is BROKE—if you let rich folks tell it. Po’ Kelis only makes $20,000/mo sitting on her ass, but her expenses are in the range of $80,000/mo. Since she can’t tour, (I think she’s just being lazy, MIA woulda let her water break on stage) Kelis isn’t generating any extra income, & she NEED that dough. Including $14,861 for mortgages, $15,000 on entertainment, and $3,500 for baby bills. What? [E!]

While folks like Luda & Estelle were up in there partying, three people were stabbed @ Luckie Lounge in ATL last night.  Rumor was Young Jeezy might be one of ’em. La the Darkman young-jeezybragged about beating up some of the CTE crew, but details on who’s @ Grady still haven’t been made clear. [AHH]

Rumor is Jae Millz got robbed on the set of Drake’s new video in Brooklyn, (that’s that bullshit!!) but he says it’s NOT TRUE. Aye! Okay!  I’ve seen goons slip into everything house parties to wedding receptions!! Let’s just hope he had insurance.

El Pollo Loco’s got BEEF w/KFC. First of all, lemme give them props for winning the chicken war. They are by FAR the best in show (still ain’t fuckin’ w/Chick-Fil-A tho). They just put up the Beefy Chicken website letting folks know that KFC’s grilled chicken is part beef, & the chicken ain’t grilled after all!! Lawd!!