If EVER a reality show needed to be pitched, this is the one I’d pull for.   Let’s see Michael Strahan, a 38 year old divorced father of 4. Famously known for signing the dumbest pre-nup in history guaranteeing his ex-wife more than half of his fortune. That’s 50 percent of their joint marital assets and 20 percent of his yearly income from each year they were married  ($15M + $18,000/mo in child support, to make it plain).

Then there’s Nicole Murphy, ex-wife of Eddie, & mother of his 5 children. So that’s 9 kids total, already giving Jon & Kate some competition!!  This is gonna be great!! Then there’s the drama!! Nicole was already caught cheating on Michael when he secretly installed a GPS tracker into her vehicle & put an end to it.

Let’s not forget he’s got that track record of cheating n’ beating, but Nicole’s got a strong jaw. I doubt she’s going down w/o a fight. Don’t have much more intel on her, other than Eddie chose her b/c she’s beautiful, fertile, & reminds him of a certain type of something he’s into.