It’s the real deal folks. All the paperwork is at the courthouse & Usher wants OUT—even if Tameka‘s telling him she’s not going.

Usher — who filed the papers today in Fulton County, GA — married Tameka back in August of ’07. They have two kids together: 18-month-old Usher Raymond IV and 6-month-old Naviyd Ely Raymond.

A hearing is set for July 15 — it was first reported by MediaTakeOut. (TMZ)

We can’t say we didn’t see this coming—calling off the wedding the day of, uninviting his moms, infidelity, etc.  But here’s the thing though peepz *affected serious tone*, broken homes/marriages are really no laughing matter.


Somebody here needs to feel @ least a little sorry for Tameka. The chick wasn’t exactly a public figure; she was a celebrity stylist known to celebrities (not we the futon snarkers). So here you have a semi-average joe getting thrust into the spotlight & suddenly getting shitted on about everything from her age & looks to body & brood. She almost died trying to meet everybody’s standard.  Isn’t that even a little bit sad to your coldhearts??

Yeah she’s older, has a hard face, & already had a gaggle of kids, but looking like a man shouldn’t disqualify someone from finding love in one!! Who are any of us to judge if that’s what Usher’s (been) into?!

Remember that Tameka is somebody’s child, & a whole lotta somebodies mama, so folks I just ask that you snark responsibly.