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Apparently this bullshit was all over some dude. One thing is guaranteed, these girls are going AWAY.

Not only did they snatch her weave off (fight requirement), but they threatened to kill her, and wouldn’t let her leave the salon. Can someone say kidnapping?? Some other observations:

1. The salon owner stated that she was pregnant at the beginning of the video. The girls insist that she was lying.

2. The camera operator stops the beatdown so that the perpetrators can observe the rules of Fight Club. No jumping!! “One at a time”.

3. The salon owner asks lookers on to call the police several times, but nobody did. Probably too many warrants in the room.

4. There’s a man standing outside of the window watching the whole thing. Never once did he offer assistance.

One last point–people keep saying she shoulda picked up a curling iron or some scissors in retaliation.  Do y’all not get how fights work?? She was getting mollywhopped by two girls you couldn’t pay to give a fuck.  If she woulda attacked them w/a curling iron, they woulda burned her ass back w/the rest of them.  What she needed was a pistol. Go NRA!!