Never really got the big deal about this Pregnant Man business.  He was a woman who had gender reassignment surgery, but decided to keep the ovvies in tact. What’s so fucking fantastic & curious about that??  He’s still got the parts!!  The nigga bleed just like us!!


From Parade:

The “world’s first pregnant man” has done it again.

Thomas Beatie, the transgender man born a woman, gave birth to his second child early Tuesday morning. Beatie and his wife, Nancy, welcomed a healthy baby boy, according to ABC News.

The couple spurred controversy last year when Thomas Beatie, who was born Tracy, gave birth to a baby girl, Susan Juliette.

Beatie, now 35, had sex-reassignment surgery, but kept his female reproductive organs. He said he decided to bear children because his 46-year-old wife was unable to.