T-Pain, Mr. Auto Tune himself even joined him!! (Probably b/c he hasn’t seen nary a residual from all the biting going on the last 5 years or so.)  Needless to say, not everybody was happy about DOA,  DJ Webstar got to bottom lip quivering on his Twitter:

who heard old ass Jay Z hating?

bottom line is a 40 year old can’t relate to a 17 or 22 year old so he could never end my career..

(In what world should 17 & 22 year olds be relating??)

He also made it clear that Jay-Z had to be calling him out, even though he didn’t call him out, b/c there’s no possible way someone as renowned as DJ Webstar could be considered insignificant or be off Jay-Z’s radar:

I know yall said he aint say my name but whoelse could he be talking about besides me and browz? he shouted everybody else out that do it..

and I only have 2 songs wit autotune anyway but still right is right and wrong is wrong legend or not!

Here’s the performance: